Theses/Dissertations from 2019

Antibiofilm activity of chlorogenic acid extracted from green coffee (Coffea liberica) beans against acinetobacter baumannii, Mary Faith J. Angcaya, Via Rizalie V. Bare, Angelika Cenn A. Remulla, and Leanna Mae S. Stuart


Serum zonulin levels and its applications as a potential biomarker for liver damage : a prelimninary study, Sovanna R. Antiojo, Japhet F. Moraleja, Nerissa Michelle O. Sanchez, and Ruby Anne A. Vargas

Isolation and characterization of bacteriophage specific to methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus from raw sewage water, Angelica H. Bigao, Alexandra Nicole P. Estrella, Keith Ronoel G. Ramos, and Ma. Isabella Christina P. Ricaforte

Blood leptin and its application as a diagnostic marker for type II diabetes mellitus, Chelsea Anne T. Gatchalian, Jhosa Mae A. Gerpacio, and Danna Elaine A. Jacob

Antibacterial activity of Artocarpus heterophyllus (Jackfruit) seed extract against selected antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Ivy Bianca A. Reyes, Alexandrea Lois A. Cabangon, Simran Kaur, Robertson O. Pelegrino, and Janelle Ann Mariella B. Tejada

Determination of hemagglutination properties of crude protein extract from glycine max (Soybean) products, Katelyn Anne L. Solero, Erhyssa I. Gutierrez, Mark Rupert John N. Maliwat, and Divine Grace A. Viscara

Theses/Dissertations from 2018

Synergistic effect of Annona squamosa (Sugar apple) leaves and allium sativum (Garlic) bulb ethanolic crude extracts as Larvicidal agent against Aedes aegypti, Matthew T. Abellar, Olga marie B. Diokno, Roderick P. Ganida Jr., Maria Cecilia B. Manalo, and Cristina Jasmine D. Roxas

Agglutinating property of of Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra) and Cucumis sativus (Cucumber) for rapid identification of Vibrio cholerae, Jiro B. Abian, Airabelle B. Caparas, Marielle R. Del Valle, VEronica P. Liangco, and Shannon B. Santos

Antibacterial activity of Kappaphycus alvarezii (red algae) extract against Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, Eva Gelyka C. Abran, Christine Joyce B. Co, Allysa Mae N. Jemina, Abigail Bea G. Mangarin, Christine Leah C. Monsada, and Alyssa Marie M. Watson

Antibacterial activity of Mentha arvensis leaf ethanolic extract against selected foodborne pathogens (Salmonella typhimurium and Vibrio cholerae), Kent Alphard B. Abrod, Chritiniel E. Cayaban, Zhae Lois E. Delgado, and Joshua R. Robles

In-vitro assessment of the antiplasmodial effect of Blumea balsamifera (sambong) stem and roots against Plasmodium falciparum, Isle Kurt R. Aflleje, Mary Louise Bernadette Cuevas, Marenela Gabrielle T. Maglabe, Camille Beatrice P. Papa, and Kristalyn R. Reyel

Inhibitory activity of volatile oil of Ocimum basilicum L. (sweet basil) leaves against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Irish Colleen D. Agapito, Jan Fernan A. Dialogo, Reanie Louisse T. Ilano, Jennel Erika B. Pada-on, and Jan Frederic G. Robles

Hepatoprotective activity of Citrus microcarpa (Calamansi) leaf extract against acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in wistar rats, Mica P. Agawin, Yasmin T. Centi, Klein Niesle D. Huelar, Nikki O. Pantoni, and Elline Louise Q. Patalud

Hypoglycemic effects of gypsophila paniculata (Baby's Breath) root extract on Streptozocin-induced diabetes in Sprague Dawley rats, Alyana Bianca G. Aguilar, Kate Jin B. Dolleton, Jolina Mae R. Padolina, Lissette T. Sibulo, and Eliah Shane B. Unay

Inhibitory activity of cell-free extract of Saccharopolyspora arythraea against Citrobacter koseri and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia, Alyanna Joice C. Alojado, Geneva R. Beltran, Arron Steele I. Cantos, Mary Judy Ann M. Coarga, and Ronn Kristien J. Padon

Anti-biofilm properties of Cananga odorata (ylang-ylang) essential oil against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Jeromme Arthenian B. Aman, Gabrielle B. Guevarra, Jacob Renuel B. Lubag, Pamela Vel B. Marpa, and Maria Janella Punzalan

Neutralizing property of Bryophyllum pinnatum (Katakataka) and Eleusine indica (Paragis) leaves extract against Naja philippinensis venom, Francess-Marie Amin, Pauline Noelle C. Carera, Alexis Klaire S. Dancel, Danna Merliza Joy A. Frandada, and Jazelle Joy L. Ramirez

Anti-angiogenic activity of the ethanolic extract of Cocus nucifera (coconut) husk using chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) assay, Cristina Lei G. Amor, Mary Hennie C. de Goma, Joanne Aejay D. Leander, Ezekiel R. Salonga, and DEniza Marie D. Senores

Amoebicidal activity of Mimosa Pudica Linn (Makahiya) plant extract against Entamoeba histolytica cyst, Krystine S. Ariate, Alexandra De Leon, Matthew Christian A. Griarte, Louwel R. Ramos, and Isaiah Christian L. Rosas

Isolation of bacteriophage specfic to pseudomonas aeruginosa BIOTECH 1335 strain from raw sewage water of local sewage treatment plant in Cavite, Jayme Ralph B. Bartolome, Kiara Mae B. Locsin, Ezekiel A. Melo, Angelique Anne D. Rosaroso, and Raya Camille D. Tamaca

Influence of lead (Pb) from used lead-acid batteries on blood, soil and tap water in a selected area in Dasmarinas Ctiy, Cavite, Michaela Marie W. Basila, Nicole E. Florendo, Ryan Ryu P. Gonzaga, Bianca Camille A. Magsino, Christopher Joseph L. Pekson, and Paula Bianca A. Rengconada

Wound healing effects of tamarind fruit extract (Tamarindus indica) on Sprague Dawley rats, Jeremy L. Bautista, Cline Yarie C. Ducay, Caryl Rayanne C. Mabanes, and Dayanna Bette F. Narciso

The screening of hypoglycemic activity of lactobacillus plantarum in alloxan-induced diabetic Sprague-Dawley rats, Jomalynne Bautista, Jen Cathleen Dominguez, Geremiah Espiritu, Christine Agnes Gawaran, and Joseph Manuel Orbon

Antibiofilm activity of Eudrilus eugeniae (African Night Crawler) extract against stenotrophomonas meltophilia through biofilm inhibition assay, Jillary Anne M. Bernardo, Jonathan A. Catimbang, Anna Marie E. Cornejo, Courtney Christine A. Escala, and Bernadette F. Jacinto

Determination of heavy metals in lakebed of Taal Lake, Philippines, Dave Ronnel M. Biscocho, Ma.Jane M. Pascua, Jeferlyne G. Patino, and Andrea Mae O. Reterta

In vivo determination of antithrombotic effect of Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus (white radish) sprouts, Marjorie B. Bolongan, Edrianne A. Gubar, Jackylou M. Hautea, Danica Trisha M. Mascarenas, and Christine Joyce B. Paolo

Nephrotherapeutic activity of brassica oleracea var. italica (Brocolli) florets crude extract on Cisplatin-induced Nephrotoxicity in female Sprague Dawley rats, Ciane Tonilaine Cembrano, Pauline Jou Fuentabella, Elmira Joy Lunar, Carmella Mae Panes, and Princess Ann Solis

Hemagglutatination property of Solanum melongena (eggplant) crude protein on ABO blood groups, Colleen Ashley O. Cosino, Secret Jane A. Lico, Janyxhka Gabreilla P. Manalo, Lady Kastlemaine D. Pau, and Adeline Sumire M. Ramos

Hemagglutination properties from the crude extract of the corms of Colocasia esculenta (Taro), Raynelyn Anne D. De Castro, Joseph Rene Faylona, Ma. Josel Michaela V. Penano, Kim Andrea P. Sarinas, and Vince Justin S. Yambao

In-vitro antimicrobial activity of the Capsicum frutescens' crude extract against selected clinically significant microorganisms, Ma. Corina D. De Lara, Eana Rica R. Evangelista, Alexandra A. Guevarra, Francis Dominick O. Javier, and Lazareus Paul P. San Pedro

Erythroprotective effects of Astaxanthin for immunohematology therapy, Dana Erika A. Domingo, Kriziel Louise A. Gaudier, Juliareim P. Inserto, and Pauline Kaye Graciella S. Noel

Correlation of low density lipoprotein and selected hematologic parameters in hyperlipidemic-induced rabbits, Red Galay, Kenneth Christian Lacanlale, Richalene Faye Lago, Carmela Montoya, and Joshua Andrei Pandanan

In-vitro determination of clot lysis activity of Laportea meyeniana walp (Stinging nettle leaves) extract, Lady Mayven T. Lugay, Nkosinothando Nyathi, francesca Claire R. Pecana, Chelsea Mae M. Reyes, and Trisha G. Vigilancia

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

Inhibitory capabilities of farnesol with nisin against candida albicans, Janelly Anne O. Adil, Jana Christine S. Palisoc, Joash Roy R. Salagubang, Xena Lei S. Salinas, and Nichelle Janine P. Santos

Correlation between cotinine and total antioxidant capacity levels of selected cigarette smokers in Barangay Punta II, Tanza, Cavite, Ariella Maria Jerica A. Agojo, Clariselle L. Cubol, Mildred R. Cunanan, Celine Therese E. Gonzales, and Celine Rochelle H. Medina

Efficacy of Benzalkonium chloride against biofilm-embedded pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mariella Ann Agor, Julia Wyna Daluz, Princess Danielle Dy, Bernadine Fausto, and Shada Idrees Torgman

Comparison of point of care and clinical laboratory analysis of cystatin-C levels in patients with renal nephropathy, John Manoel H. Alimpos, Angelica R. Anchuelo, Jerome V. Delos Reyes, Jan Allyson R. Duenas, and Rose Anne A. Lobo

Effects of moderate consumption of lambanog (coconut wine) on serum biomarkers associated with the risk of cardiovascular diseases in laboratory rats, Jessica R. Almario, Rea May C. Amargo, Ranne Cenchreae H. Gacusan, Ellaine Kate D. Olonan, Josherriz A. Paguio, and Christine Joy B. Topacio

In vitro study on the inhibitory effect of the cell free extract of lactobacillus acidophilus BIOTECH 1900 on alpha glucosidase, Jared Immanuelle Almonte, Elizalyn Beltran, Natalie Faye Penaranda, Jules Jennah Policarpio, and Franz Andrew Tabujara

Antiangiogenic activity of annona muricata (guyabano) leaf extract, Micaela Trizha Amil, Claudine Cancy Cauilan, Christian Angel Condalor, Kim Maureen Orodio, Vladimir Eric Santos, and Angelica Teves

Determination of cotinine and serum kallikrein of cigarette smokers in Barangay Punta II, Tanza, Cavite, Charlemagne S. Amon, Stefani Gwen F. Cantillan, Joanna Marie M. Cortez, Sabrina Paemla P. Durias, and Charles B. Narcida

Correlation between the levels of cotinine with serum lysozyme among cigarette smokers in Brgy. Punta II, Tanza, Cavite, Ulric Lane D. Angosta, Marielle Joy G. Castro, Elisiah D. Du, Luritz T. Fabreag, Howard Bryan R. Hernandez, and Sanni Mei R. Mojica

Antibiotic susceptibility of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing klebsiella pneumonia from selected tertiary hospitals, Julia Cecille Antona, Hannah Barandon, Mariella Basilan, Rigel Anne Bungabong, Kaizer Othniel Dialogo, and Blezy Raine Rivera

Bacterial isolates from a waste landfill as biodegrading agents for expanded polystyrene, Bill Andre B. Aparicio, Jolina Mae M. Lana, Marvin Bryan P. Muyot, Johannes Adrian D. Pandanan, Meryll Checana L. Sta. Ana, and Jonathan Paolo G. Tanyag

Occurrence of staphylococcus aureaus and pseudomonas aeruginosa in a pediatric ward in a tertiary hospital in Trece Martires City, Cavite, Jose Louise Aquino, Regina Aira Bellen, Keith Jasper Diangco, Alyzza Lynette Mendoza, Rhall Jason Montevirgen, and Samuel Joseph Samalea

Efficacy of the ethanolic extract of tar (colocasia esculenta) leaves as an antioxidant, Charls Deyhran B. Arriola, Alec Lawrence R. Buhawe, Isaiah B. Esguerra, Martin Paolo A. Guyamin, and Dwight Spencer P. Kasilag

Inhibitory properties of Streptococcus thermophilus against Candida albicans in an in vitro biofilm model, Caryl Joyce Asilo, Shane Marius Econ, Hannah Marie Fernandez, Grace Ann Rodriguez, Joshua Ray Salagubang, and Paula Ghin Suyama

Enhancement of antimicrobial activity of ciprofloxacin using lactobacillus gasseri ATCC 119992 cel lysate against escherichia coli, Anthony Asino, Alexander Marc Celis, Meccah Ellah Escarcha, Mickelle Gracielle Felix, Maryden Joyce Rubio, and Rakhaniel Topacio

Comparison of serum endothelin-1 levels between e-cigarette smokers and non-smokers in Cavite, Philippines, John Bryant A. Atendido, John Bryant A. Barcelon, Nicole V. Quijon, Hazel Monique C. Rabano, and Renz Adryan O. Reyes

Antiangiogenic properties of ethanolic extract of Iponoea batatas (sweet potatoes) peeling, Joane D. Bannez, Jannah Maera J. Baybay, Nikki Carmela J. Garay, Valerie Rose T. Monton, Angelica S. Paulino, and Mc Lynz Vega

Inhibitory activity of cell--free extracts of lactobacillus plantarum against streptoccus agalactiae, Valerie M. Barcelon, Abigail S. Cano, Jeline C. Chua, Angel Blaise B. Garcia, and Michaella L. Vergara

Occurrence of Enterobius vermicularis infection among preschoolers on a selected barangay in Dasmarinas, Cavite : basis for a proposed control and preventive measures, Christian Beltran, Genji Lyle Borbon, Ma. Caelmella Canabal, Ma. Karmela Garingarao, Ma. Patrisha Mei Gener, and Ayana Jamilla Raz

Antimicrobial property of Curcuma longa (Turmeric) against extended spectrum beta Lactamase-Escherichia coli and methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus aureus, Jamila Christine N. Bonde, Venice Linette V. Festin, Ma. Kristina Cherrish C. Ibarolla, Alyssa Mariel G. Magno, and Francis Raymar B. Saniana

Efficacy of phenol-rich maple syrup in enhancing piperacillin-tazobactam against the clinical isolate of pseudomonas aeruginosa, Ella Mae A. Caamic, Jayrecel M. Guitones, Imena B. Malabanan, Heidie Lyn L. Mangaog, Vanessa Mae B. Moscoso, and Wilbert Cleo T. Oasnon

Occurence of toxoplasma gondii among cats and presence of antibody among their owners in Blessed Ville, Barangay Sampaloc II, Dasmarinas Cavite, Philippines, Celine Batingal Cheska, Ma. Alcine Jane Bulante, Micah Gleneca Dognidon, Joey Kris Hallig, and Jayniel Erys Molleno

Soil-transmitted helminthes and associated transmission factors among school children in a selected barangay in Trece Martires City, Cavite, Japie Chester M. Creencia, Lara Maureen B. Cuasay, Jean Maika R. de Castro, Cassandra Jan L. De Sagun, Jillius Jade L. Garrido, and Zada Millicent L. Queppet

In vitro determination of inhibitory activity of the cell free extract of pediococcus acidilactici against salmonella typhimurium, Caitlin Joise A. Cruz, Mikaella A. Mole, Johanni Queen G. Palanas, Dominique Marie B. Real, Hitomi D. Yambe, and Jazmine Kryz S. Yuson