Theses/Dissertations from 2002

The perceived roles, scope of practice, strengths and problems of the radiologic technologies in selected hospitals in Metro Manila and Cavite, Ambert T. Amador and Leonilo M. Hernandez

An assessment of problems encountered in the implementation of Associate in Health and Science Education Program at the College of Medical Radiation Technology, Jean Joy T. Amata and Maricris D. Parnala

Factors affecting the perception of the students regarding the radiologic technology program, Niño G. Araojo and Tristan F. Lopez-Dee

Factors associated with internship performance of the College of Medical Radiation Technology students, Mirasol T. Bella and Janice Diloy

Organizational performance of the Radiology Department at the University of the Philippines - Philippine General Hospital year 2000 - 2001, Lara P. Camposagrado and Arlyn M. Nepomuceno

Traditional learning process as viewed by the College of Medical Radiation Technology students of De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus SY 2001-2002, Diorella De Grano and Rizel Obispo

The effect of multimedia technology utilization and its effect on the academic performance of the 3rd year and 4th year students of the College of Medical Radiation Technology of DLSU-HSC S.Y. 2001-2002, Mark Neil L. De Guzman and Vergel L. Maliquid

Teaching strategies, problems, strengths & prospects, Mario L. Dimapilis and Krisofferson M. Bautista

Factors affecting the violation of the school policies at De La Salle University - Health Sciences Campus by the College of Medical Radiation Technology students, Terry Jo Evangelista and Marlon Gundaya

The effects of behavioral problems to academic performance of Medical Radiation Technology students SY 2001-2002, Earl Arbie S. Lampitoc and Mark V. Sison

Awareness and implementation of quality assurance and quality control program in University of the Philippines Philippine General Hospital, Gian Carla M. Lim and Miriam L. Nogoy

An analysis on the effects of extra curricular activities to the academic performance of College of Medical Radiation Technology student SY 2001-2002, Virgilio G. Manahan Jr. and Jeffrey O. Manalo

Relationship of self-esteem to the leadership performance of the College of Medical Radiation Technology students leaders, Judith Nuñez and Laurence S. Llave

A correlation between level of stress during internship training program and internship performance S.Y. 2001-2002, Anna Marie W. Palmares and Honey Lay P. Volante

Relationship of seminar 1 to the internship performance of College of Medical Radiation Technology interns at De La Salle University - Health Sciences Campus 1st Semester School Year 2001-2002, Clarence N. Ramos and Danilo J. Gonzales

An analysis on the effects of study habits to the licensure examination performance of the College of Medical Radiation Technology graduates year 2001, Rommel M. Ruiz

The students relationship with parents and teachers and its effects on the academic performance of third and fourth year CMRT students, Imelda Sagpao and Janice Velasco

Leadership style and organizational performance of student leaders at the College of Medical Radiation Technology SY 2001-2002, Jovy Blanca S. Sarno and Pamela Diana L. Tapawan

Student's needs of the College of Medical Radiation Technology SY 2001-2002, Aristotle R. Ubaldo

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Implication of teacher-student relationships to the academic performance of the College of Medical Radiation Technology students School Year 2000-2001, Glory Ann A. Alvarez, Niño B. Bermudez, Daisy C. Cabrera, Abigail G. Polonia, and Florence M. Reyes

Motivational factors affecting the academic performance in radiological science of senior medical radiation technology students of De La Salle University Health Science Campus 1st Sem. S.Y. 2000-2001, Abraham S. Biterbo, Rex Aladdin A. Garcia, Peter John R. Legaspi, Nhery Jane G. Nicolas, and Marjorie R. Virata

Factors associated with the incidence of breast cancer at University of Perpetual help Rizal Medical Center and De La Salle University Medical Center from 1997 to 2000, Irene A. Bonete, Edelita C. Caranay, Rica Joyce T. Bulanhagui, and Ayleen O. Mayonte

The implementation of the quality assurance and quality control program in selected CMRT affiliated hospitals S.Y 1999-2000, Joel P. Candare, Rosabelle S. Lim, Sherryl Ann R. Navarro, Monte R. Piedad, and Reycel S. Toledo

Epidemiological factors affecting the incidence of thyroid cancer at the Philippine General Hospital year 1999, Arlene B. Ceniza, Jane Aureen E. Quilao, Myleen M. San Jose, and Dominique Marie L. Schulze

The level of compliance to the policies and standards for radiologic technology program at De La Salle University Health Science Campus S.Y 2000-2001, Mary Ann M. Domiguez, Jennifer R. Remolona, Jaylene A. Torio, and Roy A. Voluntad

An evaluation of teaching strategies of the CMRT faculty members and its implication to the academic performance of 4th year students first semester School Year 2000-2001, Aldwin Jay F. Estrella, Pranita Gurung, and Maria Katherine B. Platon

Factors affecting employability of B.S.R.T. graduates of De La Salle University - Dasmariñas School Year 1994-1996, Precious Ferbrero, Ali Sigari, and Glenn Tajon

Radiation protection practices of CMRT affiliated hospitals SY 1999-2000 status and problem, Joselito A. Fulgencio, Michael S. Guinto, Niño Ian L. Labasan, Alexander V. Noveno, and Allan T. Vidallon

Factors affecting the study habits of the fourth-year students of the College of Medical Radiation Technology of De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus School Year 2000-2001, Harold D. Garcia, Jo Mark D. Gatpandan, Mary Ann W. Loyola, and Jonathan M. Silan

Relationship of physiological, psychosocial, academic and spiritual needs to the academic performance of the 3rd and 4th year College of Medical Radiation Technology students, Mildred T. Glifonea, Pia T. Inumerables, Cynthia G. Kamatoy, and Jocelyn E. Paguyo

Assessment of the Radiologic Technology program of De La Salle University-Health Sciences Campus, School Year 2000-2001, Anna Marie Hilasque, Vermer Tecson, Rosemarie Interno, and Joana Vibarm

Correlation of academic performance to the licensure examination of Radiologic Technology graduates at the De La Salle University-Dasmariñas School Year 1996-2000, Graciel I. Lindo, Rico I. Poblete, and Genalyn M. Quitoriano

Problem associated with the professional courses performance of third year and fourth year College of Medical Radiation Technology students of De La Salle University-Health Sciences Campus, First Semester. 2000-2001, Ariane Galle Loven, Christian Ryan Sayoto, Richiena Tan, and Michael Viloria

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Considerations and techniques on pediatric imaging, Mark Laurence T. Barlaan and Zalvi T. Ronquillo

Diagnostic procedures in cardiovascular system, Honnie Greace M. Bayacal and Leah R. Dausan

Anatomy of the thoracic cavity, Jefferson R. Canog and Dennislee A. Rivera

Radiologic imaging of digestive system with intussusception and related pathology, Ronald I. De Castro and Lordan P. Marco

Reproductive system: anatomy, pathology and radiographic examination, Geoffrey R. Guerrero Jr. and Giovanni B. Legaspi

Diagnosis and treatment of bronchogenic carcinoma, Johnelyn Jarcia and Gizelle Medina

Digital subtraction angiography, Noriminda M. Libuit and Conney A. Matanguihan

Instrumentation and radiation protection of the radiologic technologist and the patient during radiologic procedure, David L. Mendieta and Rex L. Villarin

Common artifacts in radiologic imaging, Marvin C. Mendoza and Voltaire I. Tanega

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Radiation protection and detection in radiotherapy procedure, Caroline T. Adem and Angelyn F. Panganiban

Physics of ultrasound, Nilda G. Ambat and Laylyn C. Montano

Magnetic resonance imaging and it's technical aspect, Eduardo C. Arellano Jr. and Michael C. Jaojoco

Radiologic imaging of the central nervous system, Rosemarie R. Barredo and Rolando D. Alfante

Metabolic diseases of the skeletal system, Nancy S. Barrot and Virginia S. Sicat

Neoplasia of the female reproduction system, Claire A. Bisnar and Louie R. Cardinal

Operation and some common therapeutic applications of cobalt 60, Andrew R. Brillon and Erwyn P. Bulosan

Pediatric radiography, Marifi A. Cagasan and Richie M. Salaya

Disorder and fracture of the temporomandibular region, Joel C. Calderon and Marlon S. Tined

Computed tomography of the chest, Erwin F. Caparas and Rolly T. Tejerero

Ultrasound of hepatobiliary system, Jhonnel M. Caramanzana and Dante B. Tenorio

Detection of breast cancer using current modalities, Japheth V. Conde and Nenette D. Salamin

Fluoroscopic imaging principles and instrumentation, Sherwin M. Cortez and Alvin J. Naval

Abdominal ultrasound examination of tropical diseases, Neneth S. Dela Cruz and Rodelaine F. Velasco.

Common carcinogenic substances and their biologic effects on human body, Maricel S. Diga and Chesa P. Agramon.

Paranasal sinuses, nasal cavity and facial bones: anatomy, pathology an CT procedures, Russel Enriquez and Guillermo Robles

Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the extremities, Marlon S. Esguerra and Kennart T. Jose

Hepatobiliary scanning procedure in nuclear medicine, Maria Christina L. Franco and Lowela E. Magsino

Conspiracy of cell: origin of cancer, Madeleine M. Garcia and Joselina L. Gascon

Instrumentation and basic procedure in mammography, Jeffrey T. Gawaran and Maureen Abigail W. Arpon

Properties of contrast media and its uses in medical imaging, Nelson E. Gonzaga and Cesar F. Laudato

Common pathologies and basic brain scanning in computed tomography, Lurbie I. Ileto and Jasmin S. Pakingan

Degenerative disease : osteoporosis, Carmina Amor V. Izon and Cecilia P. Cruz

Renal biopsy: procedure and imaging, Raul S. Jallana and Avelino A. Infantado

Ultrasonography in pregnancy, Lara O. Janette and Noemie M. Ong

Diagnostic imaging of the pancreas, Jason M. Jaranilla and Peter P. Lizardo

Echocardiography, Relly O. Kalugdan and Gail V. Leyran

Doppler ultrasound physics and instrumentation, Kevin B. Leyran and Paolo D. Pangan

Magnetic resonance imaging of the breast, Caryl B. Lucas and Sherylyn E. Manalaysay

Electromagnetic and particulate radiation: physics and application, Ruth B. Madrid and Sonia F. Miana

Radiopharmaceuticals, Jay M. Matias

Pathologic diseases of the large intestine, Joel L. Molina and Joel S. Nieva

Acute cholecystitis, Joanne Princess R. Orendain and Susan P. Ronquillo

Urinary system anatomy, physiology, pathology and diagnostic examination, Jun A. Padolina and Celestino C. Tin-ao Jr.

Safety standards for occupational, medical and public exposure to ionizing radiation, Vincent Phillip A. Pineda and Wilbert T. Filipino

Care of the patient with special problems during radiographic examination, Eroica G. Poblete and Donnazel B. Tulao

Gynecologic and obstetric ultrasound, Ariel R. Ramirez and Leonardo S. Agustin Jr.

Effects of smoking to human health, Michael R. Reyes and Jerard Troy R. Saul

Radiologic imaging of the prostate gland, Jeffrey Glenn T. Sarmiento and Madel M. Villanueva

Breast cancer: diagnosis and treatment, Ricardo F. Sayos Jr. and Terry B. Sio

Detection of common illnesses of the nervous system using different imaging modalities, Resilyn M. Sierra and Marites R. Larga

Malignant tumors of the thyroid gland, Glenn G. Sumabat and Richard D. Tolentino

Factors affecting image quality density and contrast, Jewell C. Tabing and Alvin C. Villasis

Ultrasound monitoring amniocentesis, Janet B. Yap and Richard C. Mayola

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

The thermal problem of x-ray tube, Clifford Abad, Berlin Hebron, and Marlo Satimbre

Effects of ionizing radiation on human body, Jocelyn C. Aguilar, Rose Purple Z. Turingan, and Christopher K. Reyes

Application of nuclear energy in the field of agriculture, Mark Brian M. Alegre and Zolito Ray R. Alegre

Basic physics of diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine, Gracel N. Alix and Aireen P. Mapi-ot

Anatomy and physiology of the digestive system and common pathologic conditions diagnosed through general radiography, Michael C. Amon and Marlon S. Arca

Care of radiation therapy patients: a comprehensive analysis, Valentina M. Apuya and Ma. Lenny Bermudez

Procedures, equipment and radiation protection in brachytherapy, Kelly M. Arasain and Eduardo D. Gile

Transvaginal ultrasonography of common pathological condition, Rebecca R. Arboleda and Mary Ann Bautista

Radiation effects and methods of protection, Maricel N. Asuncion and Aideleen V. Oneza

Renal subtraction angiography, Cashmere C. Bartolome and Junilyn P. Dungca

A new kind of ray, Khristina G. Bersamira and Rosalyn M. Cortez

Common radiologic pathologies of the gastrointestinal system, Maybelle E. Cabrera

Basic physics of radiation therapy, Gerard M. Carungcong and Carlos H. Legaspi

Shielding for radiation protection, Sesinado R. Daval - Santos IV and Joel F. Dualan