Adverse early life experience as a social determinant and its influence on the meaning in life of adolescents

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Adverse Childhood Experience, Meaning in Life, Adolescents, Predictive Factors, Protective Factors


Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) are referred to as the traumatic experiences that occur during the childhood stage in life and may scar the individual until adulthood. Meaning in Life (MIL) is defined as how a person perceives and values their own existence, which may lean towards the positive or negative. The study investigates the relationship between ACE and MIL, as previous studies only concluded that the two are interrelated through various factors; association between predictive factors and ACE and MIL, and the protective factors held against traumatic experiences. Virtual questionnaires were disseminated towards Filipino adolescents residing in Cavite city, to obtain and analyze the participants’ ACE and MIL levels. Several respondents were also chosen for an online interview, in order to delve in deeper into the meaning and details held within their answers. The null hypothesis of the study suggests that there is no correlation between the two factors, however contradicted by the results, wherein there is an inverse relationship between ACE and MIL.

First Advisor

Lord Joseas C. Conwi

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