The characteristics of teaching in the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic transition era: a comparative phenomenological study on the perspectives of DLSMHSI senior high school teachers

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Research Project

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Grade 12


E-learning, Characteristics of teaching, Pre-pandemic period, Post-pandemic transition period


Education is a valuable resource a society may lean and invest on for its future. The emergence of COVID-19 has caused significant changes in the way teachers educate their students and has required them to shift from traditional teaching to using technology for online class. This study was conducted to determine the characteristics of teaching that were evident and applied by the teachers of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute - Special Health Sciences Senior High School (DLSMHSI-SHSSHS) during the pre-pandemic and the post-pandemic transition era. Moreover, this study uses the Qualitative research approach with a Comparative - Phenomenological research design to identify and differentiate such characteristics. A semi-structured interview via an online platform was utilized to gather the necessary data the participants experienced during both periods. A thematic analysis is conducted on the data to identify recurring codes and themes regarding their experiences from both periods. A comparative analysis is then conducted on the results of the thematic analysis to distinguish and further explain similarities and differences in themes residing in the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic transition periods. The researchers identified six themes during the pre-pandemic period, all of which were retained during the post-pandemic transition period. Furthermore, two themes were introduced only during the latter period, indicating a change experienced by the participants during the post-pandemic transition period, forcing the conception of those new themes. This research provides another answer to how the pandemic changed education, specifically on the aspects of teaching during the pandemic.

First Advisor

Froilan A. Santillan

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