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Research Project

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Grade 12


Virtual learning experience


As online classes become the new norm, the use of online learning modalities such as virtual laboratories (VL) have become prevalent. Having so, this study aims to determine the perceived effectiveness of VL on the learning experience and satisfaction of Grade 12 students in Foundations to Human Anatomy and Physiology. An online survey questionnaire with a 5-point Likert Scale and 3 categories with 10 questions each was utilized to determine level of agreement of 240 Grade 12 respondents. Results found that the students deem the VL effective with an agreement index of 3.837. Also, the learners' learning experience towards the VL displayed a good experience with 4.180 agreement index. Data regarding the learning satisfaction of students in using VL showed 3.837 agreement index which indicates that majority of the learners felt satisfied. In order to determine association between the variables, Pearson's r was used. It is found that there is a significant positive correlation between the students' perceived effectiveness of the VL and their (a) learning experience and (b) learning satisfaction. This also indicates a significant effect on the (a) learning experience and (b) learning satisfaction when VL is used. Researchers recommend looking into other courses with VL and to compare VL with traditional laboratories.