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Research Project

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Grade 12


wooden chopping boards, bacterial colonies, bacterial contamination, Kitchen utensils


This study was done by comparing the extent of bacterial contamination by counting the bacterial colonies formed. Data needed to answer the aims were gathered through swabbing of chopping boards. Serial dilution and spread plate method were done after the swabbing. Tryptic soy agar was used as a growth medium for the bacterial colonies. After the incubation of the plates, colony count was done to collect data needed to answer the aims of the study. The examined wooden chopping boards of selected wet markets around Dasmarinas City, Cavite were found to have high levels of bacterial contamination, with over 30,000 bacterial colony forming units per mL. However, out of the three (3) sampling sites, it was found that the market KM contained the greatest number of bacterial colonies. It was also found that there is a significant difference in the average number of colonies between the three markets. The researchers recommend that further and more in-depth study regarding the bacterial colonies present in wooden chopping boards be done.

First Advisor

Dennis Yu Perona