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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


Clinical Laboratory Services. Speech-Language Pathology


A qualitative descriptive research design was utilized in the study. Participants were caregivers of pediatric patients waitlisted and availing for clinical services in the satellite centers of DLSMHSI-CRS Department of Speech and Language Pathology (SLP). Convenience sampling was used to select a sample of 57.2% of mothers and 42.9% of parents with age range of 30-52 years old. The study was conducted online with the interview conducted through Google Meet and phone call to obtain necessary data from the participants. An interview guide based on the questionnaire in O’Callaghan’s (2005) study was utilized to gather information about the issues, experiences, and insights of caregivers when availing for SLP services. Data was analyzed through thematic analysis. Seven (7) participants were interviewed, resulting to three (3) main themes and five (5) subthemes. The results indicated that the limited number of SLPS, knowledge of caregivers when availing for SLP services and financial constraints were barriers to accessing SLP services for pediatric patients. Being unable to access SLP services will result in negative effects towards pediatric patient’s future quality of life. In conclusion, the factors that mainly affected the accessibility of SLP services were the limited number of SLPs, financial constraints, and the lack of knowledge of caregivers when availing SLP services. These factors may slow down the child’s progress in language and communication development, thus, affecting the child’s quality of life.

First Advisor

Cryslee Austin T. Villanueva