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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


Speech-Language Pathology, Patient Satisfaction, Clinical Laboratory Services


Descriptive cross sectional mixed method approach was used in the study. Fifteen (15) participants were chosen using systematic random sampling and were asked to answer a survey, which was the Filipino version of the Parent Satisfaction Scale (F-PSS), and a three-question interview through telephone call conducted by trained interviewers to detail their thoughts and experiences of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS) Speech Clinic. Data was analyzed using percentage for quantitative data and thematic analysis for qualitative data. The study concluded that based on F-PSS and semi-structured interviews obtained through telephone interviews, parents and guardians expressed positive satisfaction with the services their children are receiving form the clinicians and staff in the CRS Speech Clinic. They specifically make known that the quality of service is seen in their child, availability of clinicians, and openness to questions parents may have were obtained from the telephone interview. Parents and guardians also emphasized that the clinician’s work behavior and motivation played a significant role in the CRS Speech Clinic’s provision of satisfying services to both parents and their children. However, the participants reported dissatisfaction in the frequency of patient’s therapy sessions, last-minute changes in schedule and cancellation of appointments, inconsistency with the medium used for getting in touch with parents, and lack in the availability of slots for their children. Parents and guardians recommended to improve on aspects of the clinic that are centered on time, tangibles, and responsiveness.

First Advisor

Ms. Ma. Royce Chua-Lawas