Preferred features of Filipino speech-language pathologists in choosing augmentative and alternative communication application for Filipino AAC users

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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


Speech Language Pathology, Communication Aids for Disabled


The study utilized a qualitative descriptive research design through key-informant interview of participants chosen from a population of speech and language pathologists in the Philippines who have recommended a high-tech augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device to their clients. The interview was conducted through the preferred video call platforms of the participants, such as Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger. After conducting thematic analysis on the responses, the following themes emerged: Linguistic features, Display features, Voice features, Access features and Operational features. The research identified the limitations on the features of different AAC applications commonly used by Filipino speech-language pathologists for Filipino AAC users, specifically in the area of Linguistic features and Access features considering that most AAC applications available in the market do not cater to Filipino clients. Different possible features of AAC applications that would be advantageous for Filipino clients in the future suggested by the key informants was also discussed.

First Advisor

Larissa Christia F. Adique

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