Leadership style and organizational performance of student leaders at the College of Medical Radiation Technology SY 2001-2002

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Leadership, Students, Organizations, Radiologic Technology


The study used descriptive method. The respondents were 209 members of College of Medical Radiation Technology Student Council and Society of Radiologic Technology Students selected using purposive sampling technique. Questionnaire checklist were used by the researchers taken from the book, “Management” authors by Helniegel and Siocum (1990) to gather the following data: a) leadership style and b) organizational performance. Frequency count, percentage, mean and Pearson product moment correlation were the statistical treatments utilized. The following conclusions were formed: 1) Student leaders practiced democratic leadership style; 2) Members rated the student leaders as average in their organizational performance. This implied that radiologic student leaders had mediocre organizational performance; 3) There existed a very small positive correlation between leadership style and organizational performance of the student leaders. Even though the style of leadership could predict the organizational performance, there was a weak relationship between the two variables.

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