Compliance on quality assurance and quality control program in conventional radiography of radiologic technologist in selected hospital in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Technology, Radiologic, Quality Assurance, Health Care


The study used the descriptive method. The total population of 92 radiologic technologists composed of chief radiologic technologists, senior radiologic technologists, junior radiologic technologists and trainees from selected hospitals in Cavite were included in the study and chosen using purposive sampling. The research instrument was an adapted questionnaire from Dr. Susan A. Olavidez, which employed the Australian Institute of Radiography Competency Based Standards for Radiography and Radiation Therapy. Data was analyzed through frequency distribution, percentage, standard deviation and mean. The study concluded that: 1) Majority of the radiologic technologists were 25-35 years old, held Junior Radiologic Technologist position and had a length of service of 1-5 years; 2) The respondents complied to a great extent to the departmental protocols, technical image quality and equipment maintenance; 3) The level of compliance of the respondents showed no significant differences when grouped according to age, position and length of service.

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