Problems encountered by radiologic technologist in handling elderly patients in selected hospitals in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Aged, Older People, Patient Care, Radiologic Technologists


The descriptive method was employed in this study. Self-made questionnaire was used in data gathering. One hundred fifty one (151) radiologic technologists participated in the study using purposive sampling. In the analysis of data, mean, standard deviation, frequency distribution, percentage and ANOVA were used. The study revealed that majority of the respondents belong to 25 years old and below and work at De La Salle University Medical Center. Problems in handling elderly patients in terms of physical capabilities were "slowed mobility from wheelchair and stretcher to x-ray table", "can no longer hold/maintain proper body position or part position and breathing", "slowed reaction in positioning" and "problems with disabled or partially abled patients". In terms of communication, problems were "diminished sense of hearing and visualization" and "difficulty in following, understanding and not paying attention to the instructions." This means that almost half of the identified problems are encountered by the respondents to a great extent. The problems encountered by the respondents do not vary when grouped according to age but vary according to their hospital affiliation. Hospitals have different policies and protocol pertaining to handling elderly patients which may be the cause of the problems encountered.

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