The effects of kinesio taping in the biomechanics of landing using 2D motion analysis and less-RT among recreational basketball players

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Taping and strapping, Basketball players


The study utilized a quasi-experimental study. Using purposive samping, 14 recreational basketball players of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute were recruited for the study for one group pretest posttest. The landing biomechanics of the participants were assessed without the KT tape as pretest and with KT tape as posttest. The outcome measures used were LESS-RT and 2D Motion analysis. The players were asked to jump from a box with and without the Kinesio tape applied in their knees. The researchers found out that there is no sufficient evidence to conclude that KT has an effect in the biomechanics of landing using 2D motion Analysis. However, results of the study showed that there exist a significant effect in maximum knee genu valgum scores based on LESS-RT which means KT may have an effect on the knee biomechanics specific to knee valgum.

First Advisor

Ma. Criselda B. Ilagan, PTRP, MSPT, ACE-CPT

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