The practices of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute students regarding healthy and balanced lifestyle

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Life Style, College Students


The study utilized the non-experimental research design. It was composed of 388 students and chosen using stratified random sampling. The research instrument used in this study was a tool made by the researchers. It is based on the review of related literature and underwent validation. The over-all practice was expressed through five (5) point Likert scale. The statistical treatments used to answer the research problem were the following: a) percentage distribution, b) mean, c) t-test and d) f-test. With the findings gathered, the following conclusions are drawn: 1) Majority of the respondents are female, under the age group of 18-19 years old, belong to the College of Nursing and School of Midwifery, Catholic, stays at home during school days and have a weekly allowance of Php1,001-2,000; 2) The students of DLSHSI have very good healthy and balanced nutrition practices and good healthy and balanced activity practices; 3) a) There were no significant difference in the practices of DLSHSI students regarding healthy and balanced nutrition when they are grouped according to gender and religion. When grouped according to age, course, religion and amount of weekly allowance, there were significant differences; b) There were no significant differences in the practices of DLSHSI student regarding healthy and balanced activity when they were grouped according to religion while there was a statistical difference when they are grouped according to gender,age, course, place of residency during school days and amount of weekly allowance.

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