Homosexuality among nurses as perceived by patients in selected hospitals in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Homosexuality, Nurses, Nurse-Patient Relations


The study used the quantitative, non-experimental, descriptive type of research methodwhich identified the profile of 100 service ward patients from selected hospitals of Cavite in terms of age, gender, occupation, religion, civil status, educational attainment and employment status and, described the degree of perception of the respondents regarding homosexual nurses when they were grouped according to the demographic variables. The instrument was a self-made questionnaire which was subjected to validation and reliability by four faculty members from the College of Nursing and Midwifery and one (1) from the College of Liberal Arts. The tool was pre-tested to five service ward patients in De La Salle University Medical Center, then personally distributed to the respondents. The statistical treatments were used in the study: percentage, mean, t-test and f-test or ANOVA, The following conclusions were obtained based from the findings of the study: 1) Based on the profile of the respondents, majority are within the age group of 18-35 years old, female, Catholic, married, college graduate and employed; 2) The respondents have a neutral perception regarding homosexual nurses with an over-all mean of 2.15; 3) There was no signficiant difference in their perceptions regarding homosexuality among nurses when the respondents were grouped according to age, gender, religion, educational attainment and employment status. However, there is a significant difference in their perceptions regarding homosexuality when grouped according to civil status.

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