Level of awareness of residents of barangay 8,Cavite City on global warming and its effects on human health

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Global Warming, Health Status


The study utilized the descriptive analytical design which included 107 respondents. A pretest was conducted in Paliparan V, Dasmarinas Cavite to determine if the target respondents understand the questions, as well as the reliability of the questionnaire that obtained a result of 0.9301. Afterwards, data gathering was conducted through judgemental sampling and actual reviews of the respondents who were 21 years old and above in Barangay 8, Cavite City. Results of the survey were tabulated and submitted to National Statistics Office/Department of Energy for treatment. The following modalities were used: frequency distribution, percentage, arithmetic mean and f-test. The following conclusions were drawn: 1) Most of the respondents of Barangay 8, Cavite City were females, middle adults, married, high school graduates, unemployed and did not have personal monthly income; 2) The respondents had moderate level of awareness on global warming and its effect on human health; 3) There were significant differences established on the level of awareness when grouped according to age and personal monthly income. There was no significant relationship on the level of awareness when grouped according to civil status, gender, educational attainment and employment status.

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