Perception of high school students at selected communities in Imus, Cavite regarding teenage pregnancy

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Social Perception, Pregnancy in Adolescence


The descriptive type of research was utilized in this study. The perception of high school students was determined and described through the use of questionnaires and interview. The respondents of the study were comprised of 160 high school students, both male and female, currently residing in the communities of Malagasing I, Malagasang II, Patio Tirona and Bucandala between the ages of 13 to 16 years old. The study included the students from public and private high school systems.who are incoming first year students up to incoming fourth year students. Data was analyzed through frequency, percentage distribution, mean, t-test and f-fest. The following conclusions were obtained based from the findings of the study: 1) Majority of the respondents from selected barangays in Imus, Cavite are female, Roman Catholic, belong to a nuclear family, goes to a private school, and are fourth year students; 2) The respondents have a high perception regarding teenage pregnancy; 3) The respondents have the same perception when grouped according to gender, religion and family structure regarding teenage pregnancy. High school students who go to a private school have a higher perception on teenage pregnancy than those who go to a public school. Third and fourth year high school students also have a high perception on teenage pregnancy than first and second year high school students.

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