The lived experience of caregivers caring for persons diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Caregivers, Alzheimer Disease


This study used the phenomenological approach of qualitative research. Using an audio recorder, the researchers conducted individual interviews and focus group discussion with the participants to gather information. Methods used were combinations of purposive sampling and snowball sampling in chosen respondents of the study. The participants of this study were eight (8) caregivers of persons diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Three (3) of them were family caregivers and five (5) were paid caregivers where four (4) working from an institution in Cavite and one from a house setting. Colaizzi’s phenomenological methology was used in the analysis. The findings of the study led to the conclusion that caring for persons diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is difficult and requires a caring, loving, understanding heart and a never ending patience.

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