Relationship between spiritual intelligence and academic performance of Bachelor of Science in Nursing batch 2011 of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Spirituality, Academic Performance, College Students, Nursing


This study utilized the non-experimental, correlational and quantitative research design. The researchers chose the BSN Batch 2011 as respondents using stratified random sampling. The tool that was utilized in the study was adapted and modified, which was composed of 15 questions to measure the spiritual intelligence. The statistical treatment used for data analyses were percentage and frequency distribution, mean, f-test and t-test. Based on the findings, the following conclusions are made: 1) Majority of the respondents are female, Catholic, and took the nursing course as their personal choice; 2) The respondents have high level of spiritual intelligence; 3) The respondents’ academic performance is satisfactory, based from the overall mean of their GPA; 4) No significant differences on spiritual intelligence were reported when grouped according to gender and religious affiliation, but it significantly differed in terms of the respondents’ motivation to take up nursing course; 5) No significant differences in the academic performance of the respondents were reported when grouped in terms of gender, religious affiliation, and motivation to take up the nursing course.

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