Heroes behind the battle : lived experiences of military nurses

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Military Nursing


This study used qualitative phenomenological research design. Six (6) military nurses from different sections of the Arm Forces of the Philippines were chosen using purposive sampling technique. The discussion was recorded using an audiotape and transcribed for extraction synthesis process. Colaizzi’s method was employed for data analysis. The study found out that individuals had the instinctive inclination to pursue something, be it a career or an endeavor, out of curiosity, family influence, or a personal choice. Military nursing was not confined to males but it is open for both genders. The exercise of service has different prerequisites, such as orientation, schooling locally or abroad, and general staff course. The initial experiences were memorable and had great impact on people’s lives. The informants were sent to far flung areas, which served as their initial training ground. They acquired essential virtues for the practice of their profession, such as optimism, courage, firmness in decision making, alertness, preparedness, readiness, and flexibility. Triage was found to be an essential part of military nursing. Life is a continuous and consistent learning for military nurses. They endured physical, emotional, family, social and personal sacrifices. They faced struggles and difficulties but they retained inner spiritual strength. Lessons accompanied sacrifices and brought them personal, monetary and school benefits.

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