A peek into the world of incest : the unwilling sufferer

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Incest, Social Problems, Sociology


This study utilized the case study approach of qualitative research. Data was obtained through direct observations and interviews using a tape recorder and analyzed thematically. Using purposive sampling technique, one (1) informant was interviewed regarding her personal experience of being an incest sufferer. The study concluded that incest is not only a major stressor in the life of the informant but left an ugly scar to her personality as a whole. Up to present, she was showing indicators of emotional distress. She showed high levels of depression, anxiety and dismay. Emotional distress declines as time passes by but the distress recurs. She was showing lingering distress and fears. The feeling, past experiences, ugly memories will explode out of her mind in any given time. The original feelings and reactions were revived in full intensity when the incest acts were remembered and she knows that these feelings will not easily recede even in time. It will always be a part of her. Sometimes, she forgot the incidences intentionally so that she can live her life normally. The researchers were hopeful that more measures will be taken to prevent these incidences from happening to other women and men and that the attitudes towards incest sufferers will be changed for the better.

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