Quest for Atlantis : student nurses' lived experiences on their first exposure in psychiatric ward

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Students, Nursing, Patients' Rooms, Psychiatry


This research used qualitative design through phenomenological approach. The participants were nine (9) nursing students who had their duty in a psychiatric ward at the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) in Mandaluyong City chosen using purposive sampling technique. They were personally interviewed with the aid of tape recorder and transcription was made after each interview. Colaizzi’s method was used to analyze data. The study concluded that student nurses manifested fear, anxiety and excitement on their first exposure in a psychiatric ward. These behaviors and feelings subsided after their first interview and communication with the patient because they built rapport and enjoyed communicating with the patients. The participants emphasized the importance of therapeutic communication with the patient no matter the testing behaviors that the patients represent. They gained better learning and developed skills as student nurses in their duty, thus becoming an effective psychiatric nurse. Their exposure led them to have a better perspective of life and people around them.

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