Nurses' level of acceptance on do-not-resuscitate order

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Resuscitation Order, Nurses


This study utilized the descriptive method. One hundred (100) staff nurses were selected as subjects through purposive sampling. A checklist form of questionnaire formulated by the researchers was used for data gathering. Data was analyzed using frequency distribution, mean, t-test and f-test. The study concluded that, 1) When the staff nurses are young, it can be expected that their level of acceptance on a DNR order is full or very high; 2) Belief in Roman Catholicism does not prevent a staff nurse from accepting the hastening of death of a very sick patient through a DNR order; 3) Length of service in the hospital has no effect on the level of acceptance on a DNR order; 4) Modern-day staff nurses are more realistic and less idealistic when it comes to the science of medicine and the acceptance of death.

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