An assessment of the differences between coping mechanisms towards the reactions of nursing students class '92 on their exposure in ABMH psychiatric ward and medical ward

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Adaptation, Psychological, Students, Nursing, Wards, General


This is a descriptive research that utilized survey method. A total of 80 students from the four (4) sections of fourth year nursing students class ’92 served as respondents and selected through stratified sampling technique. Questionnaire was the tool for data gathering. Wilcoxon Signed Rank test was applied to analyze data. The study concluded that: 1) the most common coping mechanisms used by the respondents on their first exposure in psychiatric ward were acceptance, withdrawal, rationalization, conversion, and compensation; 2) the most common coping mechanisms used by the respondent on their first exposure in medical ward were acceptance, withdrawal, conversion, compensation and rationalization; and 3) there is a difference in the coping mechanism of the senior nursing students on their first exposure in the medical and psychiatric ward.

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