Quality of life of clients undergoing hemodialysis

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Renal Dialysis, Quality of Life


This study utilized a descriptive method, which focused on the physical, emotional and socio-economic aspects of quality of life experienced by clients undergoing hemodialysis. A self-made questionnaire regarding the physical, emotional and socio-economic aspects of quality of life was distributed to 50 respondents selected through purposive sampling technique. The statistical treatments used were relative frequency, F-test, t-test and mean. The study concluded the following: 1) Most of the respondents are married, reached college, Catholic and with monthly family income ranging from P10,000 to P30,000; 2) The level of quality of life of clients undergoing hemodialysis is moderately high despite the physiologic trauma that they experience due to their high coping mechanism and good support system; 3) Among the demographic variables, there was no significant relationship between the quality of life and educational attainment because of the ample amount of information given by the nurse prior to treatment, monthly family income because of the willingness of the family to sacrifice for the well being of the client, civil status because their source of support does not only come from their immediate family members but also from significant others, length of treatment because of client's ability to adopt to the routinary process no matter how painful and demanding it seems, gender because males and females alike have strong personalities and religion because no one is prohibited by religion to undergo hemodialysis.

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