Problems about nursing drug therapy encountered by BSN students Batch 2005

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Drug Therapy


The method of research utilized in this study was a descriptive survey. It involved 139 respondents, chosen using purpose sampling and excluding 10 students who were the source of the baseline data regarding the problems they encounter in nursing drug therapy. Checklist type of questionnaire was used as a tool in gathering information. Data was analyzed through frequency. The following conclusions were drawn: 1) Third year nursing students have problems and they are confronted with their own fears, concerns and anxieties, which often become potential or actual threats to successful play of their part in drug therapy; 2) In terms of knowledge related problem, lack of knowledge about a specific medication ranked first. It shows that there is a great need for preparation to students in terms of background in drugs through intensifying the integration of Pharmacology to the nursing curriculum; 3) In terms of skill related problem, difficulty in understanding doctors’ order due to poor handwriting shows that the illegible handwriting can lead to students’ misinterpretation of the order and be a possible source of medication error.

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