The breast cancer journey: a perspective from those who have been there

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Breast Neoplasms


The phenomenological approach of qualitative research was utilized. Seven (7) women who have experienced and survived breast cancer participated in the study. Their age ranges from 40 to 61 years, are all married, and all have children, except for one (1). The study was conducted in different areas in Cavite specifically Imus, Kawit, Bacoor and Noveleta. Selection of respondents was primarily based on their experiences as breast cancer survivors regardless of the duration of their illness, type of treatment they received, marital status and socio-economic status. The purposive sampling technique was utilized. This study had been substantiated by the researchers by personally interviewing the informants through an in-depth interaction and observation of their behaviors such as their non-verbal cues and mannerisms. Tape-recording and jotting notes were used in gathering information. The interviews were transcribed verbatim. Data was interpreted and analyzed using Colaizzi’s phenomenological method. The study concluded that, the participant's responses towards breast cancer were generally grounded on the overwhelming feeling that they had entered a life-threatening scenario. Most of the participants experienced negative responses in reaction to their condition but these negative reactions also served as a push to make them cope. The responses felt were mostly anxiety, hopelessness, denial, anger, and displacement. The defense mechanisms helped reduce the participant's negative emotional reactions. As the participants recognized the reality of their condition, they gradually accepted their condition. The feeling of acceptance gave the participants the willing determination to survive. Accordingly, this experience brought them closer to God and made them realize the value of their existence and appreciate the real meaning of life.

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