A survey on the nutritional knowledge and practices of selected mothers having malnourished children of 0 to 2 years old in Barangay Burol I, DBB Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing




The study utilized descriptive method research design. Using purposive sampling technique, the subject of the study was confined to the whole population of 40 mothers in Barangay Burol I, DBB Cavite who have children age 0 to 24 months with first degree, second degree or third degree malnutrition. The study conducted a survey by distributing a descriptive check test form of questionnaire to the selected respondents. It was supplemented with interviews and home visitations to gather more adequate and accurate information. The statistical formula used in this study was frequency distribution. Based on the data gathered, majority of the respondents breastfeed their babies with the knowledge that mother's milk is safe, fresh, economical, always prepared and in moderate temperature. Most of the mothers who already give supplementary feeding believe that supplemental foods contain nutrients necessary for child's growth and development. Most mothers have given supplemental feeding when their children reached the age 4 to 6 months. Majority have weaned their children at age 9 to 12 months old and believe that weaning is important to practice child on proper eating of solid foods. Majority of the respondents perceive that nutritional knowledge and practices are significant because these affect the child's health. Based on the research findings, the following conclusions were drawn: 1) Majority of the respondents have correct knowledge and practices in terms of milk feeding, supplemental feeding and weaning and 2) majority of them have high perceived level of significance on nutritional knowledge and practices.

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