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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Self Learning


The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the online class setup for the past two years. Yet, few studies have been conducted specifically about the effects of self-directed learning (SDL) on the competencies of student nurses, despite their program having a lot of skill-related activities. The present study’s objective was to determine the perceived effectiveness of SDL measures to enhance the competencies of BS Nursing students in DLSMHSI. This study also investigated the significant difference in the perceived effectiveness of self-directed learning measures and the perceived level of competencies of the respondents when they are categorized according to their profile. The research was carried out in DLSMHSI during AY 2021–2022 with a sample consisting of 292 first–fourth year nursing students by using a 45-item questionnaire with a descriptive correlational quantitative design. Analysis and statistical testing revealed a weak positive relationship between the student nurses’ perception of their level of competencies and their SDL measures. Furthermore, when respondents were grouped according to their profile, a significant difference in their perceived effectiveness of SDL measures was established while no significant difference was noted in their perceived level of competencies. Recommendations were made among student nurses in developing and applying self-directed learning measures to increase their perceived level of competencies.

First Advisor

Evelyn F. Tadena