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Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science


ergonomic stress


The study was conducted to identify the ergonomic stressors that the students are currently experiencing during the online classes and to determine the relationship between ergonomic stressors and sedentary behavior or lifestyle to the physical health of the students. A simple random sampling method along with Cochran’s Sample Size formula, corrected for small samples, was employed in the selection of the participants. The questionnaire was obtained from sources that were approved by the validator which are related to studies with the same objectives. Data were using Fisher’s exact test, odds ratio, Binary logistic regression analysis, and the Dichotomization of the Ordinal Variables. Significant findings include a linear relationship between hours of doing assignments and sitting with a stiff neck, with a coefficient of 0.5562 and a p-value of 0.0108. Another significant finding is that the odds of having weak legs is 0.4383 times lower if individuals have an activity frequency of at least twice a week

First Advisor

Carolina B. Capili