Isolation, purification and partial characterization of Clausena sanki (Perr.) Molino leaf extracts

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry




In this study, the dried leaves of Calusena sanki (Perr.) Molino were sequentially extracted using PE, DCM and EtOH. This led to the isolation of 5 different compounds from the DCM fraction. Phytochemical investigation confirmed the presence of secondary metabolites in the 3 crude extracts. The isolates were purified through silica gel gravity column choromatography and partially characterized using spectroscopic analysis and antibacterial assay. The obtained UV_Vis absorption band ranging from max 228 nm to 262 nm and FT-IR spectra functionalities suggested the presence of terpenes. Weak to moderate inhibition activity was observed in the crude extracts against both representative bacteria. Only S. aureus was weakly inhibited by the pure isolates. The EtOH extracts (MIC=0.125 mg/mL) also showed a good antibacterial activity against S. aureus. The PE and DCM extracts presented moderate activities (MIC=0.50 mg/mL) against S. aureus and E. coli.

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