Cellulase and pectinase assisted extraction of total carotenoids from lemon (Citrus limo) peels

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


Cellulases, Polygalacturonase, Citrus, Carotenoids


Enzyme extractions of carotenoids from various natural sources have become a subject of interest due to their potential applications for food and pharmaceutical industries. Combined effects and incubation time of tow enzymes from microbial source namely cellulase and pectinase were tested for their ability to recover carotenoids. Enzyme assisted extraction significantly improve the recovery of total carotenoids extraction. The treatment with enzyme composition cellulase 20U/mL and pectinase 60 U/mL in pH 5.0 buffer and incubation time of 120 minutes yielded the highest amount of total carotenoids extracted (86.95 ug/g) as well as the best result for the DPPH assay (87.29%). Extraction of carotenoid from lemon peels using cellulase and pectinase would help in the reduction of processing waste and help in development of technologies geared towards large scale production of carotenoids.

First Advisor

Margel C. Bonifacio

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