Ning Liang

Date of Completion


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Degree Name

Master of Arts in Nursing


Cognition, Aged, Tai Ji


This study utilized the quasi-experimental design specifically the non-equivalent comparison group before and after design to measure the effects of Tai Chi Exercise on the cognitive functioning of older persons. A total of sixty (60) participants were included in this study. Thirty (30) participants from eastern part of Gengdun Community, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China comprised the treatment group while the other thirty (30) participants from western part of Gengdun Community comprised the comparison group. Using purposive sampling, the participants were selected according to the criteria set by the researcher. The following instruments were used for data gathering: 1) The participants’ data sheet, that was used to determine the profile of the respondents in terms of age, sex, educational attainment, and level of physical activity and 2) a researcher-constructed questionnaire, that was used to measure the cognitive functioning of the older persons. Percentage distribution, mean, Wilcoxon signed-rank test, Mann Whitney U test and percentage change were the statistical tests used in the study.Based on the findings generated in the study, the following conclusions were drawn: 1. Majority of the participants are male, 70-79 years old, finished primary education, and with moderate level of physical activity. The participants in the treatment and comparison groups do not significantly vary in terms of sex, educational attainment, and level of physical activity; 2) Before the implementation of Tai Chi Exercise, the older persons in both the comparison and treatment groups have mild cognitive impairment. After the implementation of Tai Chi Exercise, the participants in the treatment group have no cognitive impairment while the participants in the comparison group maintained a mild cognitive impairment; 3) The mean difference of the treatment group is significantly higher than the mean difference of the comparison group; 4) There was a significant improvement in the level of cognitive functioning among older persons in the treatment group compared to that of the comparison group; 5) Tai Chi Exercise is an effective intervention in improving the level of cognitive functioning among older persons.

First Advisor

Alely S. Reyes