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Research Project

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Grade 12


Occupational Stress, Emergency Room Nurses


Emergency room nurses are specialized in providing and delivering critical medical care to patients in a fast-paced and chaotic working environment. They are consistently faced with dilemmas such as life and death situations, crises and daily vulnerability to various illnesses and diseases. Which constitutes to their occupational stress, which is defined as the mechanism of one’s body to adapt to the needs and changes of their environment. Thus, this descriptive quantitative research aims to determine the perception on occupational stress among emergency room nurses in De La Salle University Medical Center and specify the various stressors that affect their lives. The instrument that was used to obtain accurate information about the study was in a form of questionnaire-survey type of data gathering, containing close-ended questions. The results suggested that salary is the major cause of stress in emergency room nurses according to their perception, it was followed by job demands, work environment, and social interaction, respectively. When correlated with each other it was found out that there was no significant difference between the occupational stressors and age, monthly income, length of tenureship, and civil status. Sex is the only one with occurring significant difference, female experiences more stress than male.

First Advisor

Teresita T. Pineda