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Research Project

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Grade 12


type 2 diabetes, patient lifestyle


In the Philippines, one of the most common non-communicable diseases that exists is diabetes, a progressive ailment where there is impairment in the body‟s response to the hormone insulin. Without modifications in one‟s lifestyle, diabetes could lead to several complications. This study aims to determine the attitude of Type II Diabetes patients in terms of dietary modification, medication and physical activity and their compliance lifestyle. In order to conduct the research, the researchers used a survey research using questionnaires. The target respondents set by the researchers are the patients of the De La Salle University Medical Center (DLSUMC) with a maximum of 30 respondents. The four-point likert scale was used in the questionnaire to measure the compliance of the patients. The questionnaire is divided into three categories: medication, dietary medication, and physical activity. The questions prepared for the respondents are up to 15 which is divided into 3 that results to 5 questions per category. After the researchers tabulated the data, the result shows that Type 2 Diabetes Patients Has a high compliance (Mode=1) in Dietary Modification, very high compliance (Mode=0) in Medication, and fair compliance (Mode=2) in Physical Activity. Overall, the compliance lifestyle of Type 2 Diabetes Patients of DLSUMC is (average mode=1) high compliance. The researchers have come to the conclusion that the Type II Diabetes Mellitus patients of DLSUMC have a high compliance lifestyle in terms of dietary modification, medication and physical activity. The respondents never disregard doing the alterations in their lifestyle because of Type II Diabetes Mellitus and follow the necessary lifestyle modifications they need to do.

First Advisor

Mark Lawrence F. Fabregas