Communication gap, students’ engagement and satisfaction in online collaborative activities: a correlational study

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Research Project

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Grade 12


communication gap, online collaborative activities, student engagement, student satisfaction, transactional distance.


The Pandemic has been a huge factor for the change in the learning modality of the students. From the traditional onsite setting to a virtual setting. The rapid advancement in technology has contributed to the transformation in education which leads to the increased prevalence of online collaborative activities in academic settings. With the occurrence of the pandemic, concerns have arisen about the potential communication gaps and their impact on the engagement of the students as well as the satisfaction with such activities. That being said, this study aimed to investigate the relationship between the communication gap, students’ engagement, and satisfaction in online collaborative activities. The study was explored among the Grade 12 Students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute Special Health Sciences Senior High School. The participants had completed a questionnaire that assessed their perceptions of the communication gap, engagement level, as well as the satisfaction in these activities. Statistical analyses which include the correlation coefficients as well as regression analysis and Pearson r were conducted to examine the relationships between the variables. The findings of the study revealed a significant negative correlation between the student engagement in collaborative activities and communication gap. This suggests that the lesser the communication gap is, the greater the level of student engagement is. Furthermore, a positive relationship between the satisfaction and student engagement was observed which suggests that the higher the level of engagement the higher the satisfaction is with online collaborative activities.

First Advisor

Gabriel Ian G. Guiao

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