Coping-19: exploring the coping mechanisms of senior high school students from De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute who have lost immediate family members to Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) through observation of personal bereavement processes

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Research Project

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Grade 12




The stressful and limiting conditions induced by the COVID-19 pandemic caused grieving to be extremely challenging for the deceased’s families. Thus, various coping strategies were used to subside these challenges. Thisstudy explored the profound coping mechanism used by the De Lasalle Medical and Health Sciences Senior High School students by discovering the effects, difficulties, and changes experienced and determining the copingmechanism used.

A case study approach was utilized to DLSMHSI Senior HighSchool Students through conducting an interview. Following, the data gathered was analyzed using Stake’s method of instrumental case study. Bereavement amidst pandemic induced a significant effect on mental health, emotional capacity, and daily life. It prompted difficulties such as lingering grief and sadness, as well as academic and personal constrains are present. Moreover, changes in sleeping patterns and relationships were also experienced.

Due to the aforementioned factors the study determined socialization as the most significant coping mechanism used in the gradual process of recoveringfrom the loss. The present study therefore concluded that it is important for individuals to identify healthy coping mechanisms that work for them and avoid relying on harmful behaviors to manage their emotions. The study highlighted the significance of adopting positive coping strategies for maintaining good mental health.

First Advisor

Nikka Mae R. Mojica

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