Perceived parenting styles and the traumatic experience of selected college students in Dasmarinas Cavite: explanatory sequential design

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Research Project

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Grade 12


family, parenting style, traumatic experiences, perceived parenting style, authoritative parenting


This study explores the relationship between parenting styles, traumatic experiences, and the lives of college students in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Using an explanatory sequential design, researchers employed quantitative methods to determine the most perceived parenting style and its relationship to trauma, while qualitative methods helped interpret the scores. Among the participants, authoritative parenting was most common, while negligent, authoritarian, and permissive styles were less prevalent. The study found an inverse relationship between parenting style variables and trauma. Traumatic experiences could have both positive and negative effects. Overall, the study concludes that regardless of demographic profiles, most parents adopt an authoritative style, and trauma depends on how children perceive their parents' parenting style.

First Advisor

Lord Joseas C. Conwi

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