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Research Project

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Grade 12


sleep duration, academic performance, online learning, senior high school students


This study investigated the relationship between sleep duration and academic performance among senior high school students at DLSMHSI in an online learning setting. This paper specifically focused on the online learning context. While no significant association was found between sleep duration and overall academic performance, a barely significant relationship was observed between shorter sleep duration and increased class participation in General Math (p = .039), suggesting the possibility of an indirect relationship between sleep duration and class engagement. The findings highlight the prevalence of inadequate sleep and disrupted sleep patterns among students, underscoring the importance of addressing sleep patterns to promote students' well-being and academic success in online learning. Future research with larger sample sizes is recommended to gain more reliable results. Further interventions focusing on sleep health and its impact on academic performance in the online learning context are warranted.

First Advisor

Irma M. Penalba