The perception of the selected generation x populace regarding depression in Barangay Santa Fe, Dasmarinas City, Cavite

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Generation X, depression, mental health


The era of Generation X has served as a transitional period to the digital stage. As such, individuals from this generation have struggled with their strong adherence to old practices and principles in face of modernity and change. The burden carried by Generation X is complex, they have shouldered the weight of societal expectations while grappling with the rapid transformation of the world around them. This study aimed to recognize and address the Generation X populace’s viewpoint regarding the concept of depression. A total of 92 Generation Xers were surveyed in Barangay Santa Fe Dasmariñas, Cavite. This study utilized a quantitative research design and employed a research questionnaire as the main instrument to collect data. The study revealed that the respondents were neutral with regards to the claims that invalidate depression as a serious mental health issue and agreed with the statements that support depression. In addition, the study found significant differences in negative perceptions of depression based on gender and economic status. Furthermore, significant differences were also noted in age, gender, and economic status in relation to positive perceptions of depression, with the exclusion of educational background, since majority of the respondents agreed with the statement that support depression as a serious mental health issue. This indicates that their perceptions were inclined to the plausibility of depression.

First Advisor

Pancho E. Ercilla

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