Date of Completion


Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


Anthelmintics, Ascaris suum, Sus scrofa


In this study, the researchers tested if the varying concentration of the ethanolic extract of the tree bark of Sandoricum koetjape has anthelmintic efficacy on Ascaris suum. The tree bark collected was pulverized, then soaked in absolute ethanol. The mixture was then filtered and processed in the rotary evaporator to produce the crude extract, which was diluted in ethanol to create the stock solution and was further diluted in distilled water to produce the desired concentration. Then, the A. suum was submerged in the created extracted, and was observed for the time of death of each worm. The results showed that the santol tree bark ethanolic extract may not have anthelmintic efficacy against Ascaris suum and therefore does not have an affect on its life exposure.

First Advisor

Dennis Yu Perona