Using technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) of teachers in teaching and learning with the use of technology

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Technological Pedagogical


In recent years, the incorporation of technology in educational settings has grown in popularity, providing new opportunities and problems for both teachers and students. This study paper explored the idea of technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) as a framework for comprehending and enhancing instructors' ability to integrate technology into their instructional techniques. This research highlighted the importance of TPACK in enhancing teaching and learning opportunities that include technology. The impact of teachers' TPACK on student involvement and academic success was examined in this paper. Furthermore, this study covered the obstacles and barriers that teachers experience when seeking to harness technology in their classrooms, as well as insights into perspective techniques and approaches for encouraging TPACK growth among educators. The results of this study contributed to the existing body of knowledge on TPACK and technology integration by giving a thorough understanding of its implications for teaching and learning.

This study underlined the need of giving teachers the skills and knowledge they need to effectively incorporate technology into their teaching strategies. Educators may develop engaging and relevant learning experiences that foster students' digital literacy, critical thinking, cooperation, and

problem-solving abilities by embracing TPACK and implementing suitable pedagogical tools. Finally, this research aimed to support educators and educational policymakers in maximizing the potential of technology for better teaching and learning outcomes. The report also discussed how it highlights the necessity for institutions to give the integration of TPACK into teacher preparation programs top priority and to offer continuing assistance to educators to help them become more proficient in TPACK. To improve educational practices in the digital age and drive pedagogical decision-making, the study finished by underlining the potential of TPACK as a formidable framework. Overall, this study work emphasized the significance of utilizing TPACK to enhance teaching and comprehension processes in classrooms. It offers a thorough examination of the theoretical underpinnings, instructional techniques, difficulties, and implications connected to the successful integration of TPACK. The results contributed to the body of knowledge on how to successfully incorporate technology into education and offer direction for academics, decision-makers, and instructors who want to maximize the use of technology in the classroom.

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Joana Marie A. Salinas

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