Date of Completion


Document Type

Research Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


MOBA games, cognitive critical thinking skills, strategy-related video games


Video games, despite being a common hobby amongst the youth, are often associated with bad habits and effects. Recently, strategy-based video games, specifically Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, have risen in popularity. This study aims to determine whether playing these Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games affect an individual’s cognitive critical thinking skills. In order to assess their cognitive critical thinking skills, an online test was distributed to two groups of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute Special Health Sciences Senior High School students: those who play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, and those who do not. Analysis of the test scores show that both groups have similar score distributions, as well as the scores between players who spend different amounts of time playing. These results suggest that spending time playing strategy-based video games does not affect one’s cognitive critical thinking skills, although the results may be further improved by a larger sample size.

First Advisor

Lenard Charles C. Monsada