Date of Completion


Document Type

Research Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


Inhibitory, Allium sativum, Proliferative, Chorioallantoic membrane, Inoculant, Angiogenesis


According to some researches, garlic has proven its stand in the medicinal field. Traditionally, it has also become a staple food in the Philippines. It has also been used for curing various disease conditions especially in inhibiting cancer cell growth. Furthermore, it has showcased its inhibitory effect in the Chick Chorioallantoic Membrane assay. This study focused on the strategy for determining the efficacy of Allium Sativum or garlic on chick chorioallantoic membrane. Moreover, this paper aimed to know the significant morphological changes happened in the CAM assay by the use of garlic extracts via in vivo. The CAM assay procedure was done by inoculating a certain inoculant to the chick embryo’s Chorioallantoic membrane. The proliferative and inhibitory effects were also determined as well as its dosage dependency. Using the CAM assay, the 10-day old egg was inoculated with garlic extract in various dosages. According to its results, the 40 mg/dL and 60 mg/dL produced a significant value. In comparison to the negative treatments, the percentage inhibition of 20 mg/dL is 13.5%, 40 mg/dL had 66.13%, and 60 had 90.14%. According to the results, higher dosage of the extract exhibited the expected inhibitory result or decrease in angiogenesis.

First Advisor

Jose Isaak M. Calamlam