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Research Project

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Grade 12


Career Decision-Making, Difficulties, Health Work Immersion, Work Immersion, Online learning, Asynchronous classes, Interest, Skill, Senior high school


The K-12 curriculum has administered the specialized Work Immersion subject to promote expertise and occupational growth. However, due to COVID-19, online learning systems were implemented which may hinder the students’ career decision-making given its inaccessibility to resources and expertise. With that, the descriptive study investigated the impacts of asynchronous classes during the Acclimatizing and Upskilling periods of Health Work Immersion (HWI) 1 upon the career decision-making (CD-M) in the aspects of interest and skill. The researchers adapted concepts from credible sources to form a 9-point quantitative survey indicating the CD-M difficulties. A total of 348 respondents was garnered with an equal allocation of 58 grade 12 students per enlisted college for upskilling. The results showcased that the CD-M difficulties mean score for interest was 4.591 while for skill was 4.878; both had low standard deviations. Among the CD-M difficulties levels, the larger fraction of the respondents accumulated moderate to salient difficulties with 321 students (moderate) and 14 students (salient) upon interest while 309 students (moderate) and 30 students (salient) upon skill. Overall, moderate CD-M difficulties were interpreted for interest and skill; hence, the students will require some attention from career counselors as impacted by the asynchronous classes in HWI 1.

First Advisor

Teresita Pineda