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Grade 12


COVID-19, lockdown, economic impact


Due to COVID-19 severity, most of the countries have put a lockdown and travel restrictions for months so that people stay safe at home. This case leads to economic and social disruption, which devastate tens of millions of people, leading them into extreme poverty, and the number of undernourished people increased. The pandemic has decimated jobs, placed millions of livelihoods at risk, and led to the dramatic loss of human life worldwide. COVID-19 is characterized as a pandemic, pointing to over 3 million cases and 207,973 deaths in 213 countries and territories. The infection has not only become a public health crisis but has also affected the global economy. The significant economic impact has already occurred globally due to reduced productivity, loss of life, business closures, trade disruption, and decimation of the tourism industry (WHO, 2020). This research presents the financial impacts of managing COVID-19 on the selected lower-middle-income household whose income ranges below Php 18,200. The study's findings indicate that majority of the household has a limited budget for coping up during the pandemic. It shows that almost all the participants' family members range from 3-5 members. Which explains and reflects on the effects on their individuals’ monthly budget and allocations. The majority of their budget is allocated for groceries and other foods. Thus, having a little amount of budget allocated for the vitamins, food supplements, and other necessities.

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Carmelette C. Davila