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Capstone Project

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Grade 12


childhood education, academic performance


This study was conducted to determine the relationship between receiving early childhood education and the academic performance perception of the senior high school students in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute. Preschool is linked with long-term benefits through the development of cognitive skills that contribute to positive outcomes in academics in the later years. The researchers used quantitative correlation research design and simple random sampling method. The data acquired from the participants were tabulated and interpreted by the researchers using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test, analysis of variance, and odds ratio. Results showed that the majority of the respondents received complete early childhood education. Furthermore, they are mostly female and are part of the middle income class. They have a high perception of their academic performance. There is a significant difference in academic performance perception between sexes; however, there is no significant difference in terms of socioeconomic statuses. Thus, receiving early childhood education and academic performance perception have no significant relationship. It is also recommended to target an equal number of participants based on sex, socioeconomic status, and early childhood education background to yield equitable results from the variables. Additionally, selecting participants from other institutions, public or private, is also recommended for a more comprehensive study.

First Advisor

Lenard Charles C. Monsada