Date of Completion


Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


Covid-19 Pandemic, academic achievement, GPA, physical activity levels, IPAQ – SF


Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, the government tried to ensure the safety of all, which is why a national lockdown affected the academic setup for students and their risk for a higher sedentary lifestyle. This research intends to analyze the relationship of the academic achievement, in terms of GPA, of a student and their physical activity level regarding the duration and frequency in conducting their daily physical activities. Over 230 senior high school grade 12 students in De La Salle Medical Health Sciences Institute Special Health Sciences Senior High School were collected using purposive and convenience sampling method. The researchers utilized Google forms and fully adapted the IPAQ - SF to know the student's physical activity level. To know the correlation, Pearson’s Chi Squared Test and Spearman RHO was used for statistical treatment. The findings show a significant result of the participants taking part in more walking activities compared to vigorous, & moderate activities. The researchers also observed that the participants were majorly composed on "with High Honors" achieving students showing a relationship to physical activity indirectly but considered to have negative weak correlation (ρ = -0.135*). The conclusion is drawn that there are data points which student with high physical activity negatively correlates with low academic achievement. In contrast with the recent literatures the results paves way clearer understanding on why there is in need to consider the student’s motivations, self-esteem, and productivity level, time management while identifying the relationship between physical activity and academic achievement because of the current impact of the pandemic to schools and to students.

First Advisor

Carmelette C. Davila