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Research Project

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Grade 12


Lo-fi music


Music, regardless of its type, is perceived to have effects on studying which may vary for every student. Low-fidelity or Lo-Fi, a type of music which promotes focus and energy in performing a specific activity, is increasingly used in productivity and study platforms to help people improve their productivity and concentration while performing tasks. Accordingly, this study sought to determine whether Lo-Fi music has positive or negative effects on senior high students. A two-part descriptive survey in the form of questionnaires was designed to collect needed information from the respondents. Purposive sampling, which is a nonprobability sampling procedure and Slovin’s Formula were used to calculate the sample size for this study. Findings of this study resulted with a mean (m) of 3.96 and a standard deviation of 0.726, which were interpreted as effective. Researchers conclude that Lo-Fi music generally has an effect on the level of concentration of senior high school students during study hours based on their physiological, psychological and environmental factors without being correlated with their age and year level. Thus, students should consider the method of listening to lo-fi music in order to help with their level of concentration during study hours. Keywords: Lo-Fi music, level of concentration, senior high school, study hours, positive or negative effect.

First Advisor

Teresita T. Pineda