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Research Project

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Grade 12


medical intern, occupational injuries


A medical intern is a first year post-graduate medical student in their on-the-job training, but has not yet been licensed as a doctor. The nature of their work involves repetitive tasks which include exposure to many risks of acquiring infections or accidents while in the course of rendering healthcare services to the community, and may eventually lead to higher risk of acquiring occupational injuries. This study focused on analyzing the factors affecting the occurrence of occupational injuries among medical interns. The participants involved in this study were selected medical interns (n=120) in facilities of selected tertiary hospitals in Manila, such as the emergency room, surgical room, pediatrics ward and obstetrics ward. Findings revealed that needle stick injuries (82.50%) were the most common physical injury experienced among medical interns. Moreover, verbal abuse (73.33%) from co-workers and patients were the most common mental injury, while airborne-transmitted infections (62.50%) were the most common biological injury occurred. Based on chi-square test, findings further showed that the relationship between the demographic profile and occurrence of injuries were insignificant. However, the relationship between the duration of internship and occurrence of mental and biological injury were found to be significant. From these findings, it was concluded that duration of internship affects the occurrence of mental and biological occupational injuries.

First Advisor

James P. Rapanut